Nintendo Entertainment System
The NES Console.
Manufacturer Nintendo
Released Japan: July 15, 1983
America:October 18, 1985
Canada: February 1986
Europe: September 1, 1986
Australia: 1987
Generation Third
GPU Ricoh 2A03 8-bit processor
Media ROM cartridge
Controller input 2 controller ports
1 expansion slot
Price Famicom: ¥14,800 (JP)
Control Deck: $199.99 (US)
Deluxe Set: $249.99 (US)
Units shipped 61.91 million
Best-selling game Super Mario Bros. 40.23 million (as of 1999)
Super Mario Bros. 3, 18 million (as of May 21, 2003
Preceded by Color TV Game
Followed by Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as NES) is a Nintendo manufactured 8-bit video game console known as the Famicom (Family Computer) in Japan and Tata Famicom in Souther Asian countries. It is Nintendo's first home console with interchangeable cartridges. Nearly 62 million units were sold worldwide, making it the best selling Nintendo console of all time (though the Wii is on schedule to surpass it). The best selling game on the NES is Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo Entertainment System has been sold to retailers in a majority of Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

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